Retirement and nursing home

Retirement and nursing home "Anton Günther"

Anton-Günther-Weg 7
09471 Bärenstein

   phone:  +49 37347 181-0
  fax:        +49 37347 181-16

History of the retirement and nursing home "Anton Günther

Already since  50's there has been a retirement home in Bärenstein. Until 1989 the house belonged to the public health system of the GDR.

From 1990 onwards, a lot changed in the care of older people and people in need of care. While until then only one nurse was responsible for the medical care of the residents, the nursing staff was further increased in the following years. From 1991 to 1992, the nursery home belonged to the Bärenstein municipal administration.

In January 1993, the home was taken over by the AWO Kreisverband Annaberg e.V. (Annaberg District Association). The house at Anton-Günther-Straße 22 no longer complied with the building regulations for retirement homes. Conclusively, a reconstruction became necessary. This replacement building was part of the old people's welfare plan of the Annaberg district of 22.10.1992.

In May 1998, after 18 months of construction, the new nursery home „Anton-Günther“ was opened. On the sixth of June 1998, the first residents could move in. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, the move went smoothly. The working and living conditions improved for everybody.

Today, our home with its 60 nursing places is on average 100% occupied. The multi-professional team strives to show human warmth, responsibility and respects towards the elderly people every day. It is especially important for us to encourage young professionals. Since 1993, prospective geriatric nurses have been able to complete their practical training with us.

The AWO district association Annaberg/ Mittleres Erzgebirge e.V. is one of the largest employers in Bärenstein.

The AWO nursing home in brief

3 living areas with a total of:

  • 28 single rooms- size approx. 16 m²
  • 16 double rooms- size approx. 21,5 m²

each with a wet cell with shower and WC for use by 2 residents each

The living areas are kept in the following colours for better orientation::

  • WB „Rosenhof“   - red
  • WB „Waldeslust“ - green
  • WB „Bergblick“    - yellow
  • There is a ward bathroom with a size of approx. 16 m² on each living area, on the living area "Bergblick" as a wellness bathroom.
  • the rooms are equipped with a care bed, a wardrobe, a dresser, a table, a night stand, seating furniture and a telephone-, Internet- and TV-connection (If required, a small piece of furniture can be brought along)
  • the 5-6 daily meals are prepared freshly in our own kitchen 
  • the laundry is washed in an external laundry facility
  • the house is cleaned by an external company
  • medical care is provided either by the former family doctor or by a doctor of your choice
  • on the fifth of June 2005 – initiation of our „Hutzenwinkel“ belonging to the living area „Bergblick“,  now called „Ostseeecke"
  • on the ninth of September 2007 – opening of our sensory garden
  • modernization of the kitchens belonging to the living areas in 2016
  • the living areas were equipped with new low-floor beds from 2016

Service and cultural offers

  • a visit to the hairdresser's in the nursery home and pedicure at the pedicure salon belonging to the living area "Bergblick" are available every two weeks (once per month).
  • small trips, cultural events, as well as events of the respective living area
  • preservation of local traditions
  • on demand small celebrations (e.g. birthdays) with relatives in our cafeteria
  • information through the monthly retirement home newspaper (€ 3.50) and wall newspapers as well as through the morning house announcement
  • monthly Bible Circle
  • therapy offers for small groups (especially also for dementia patients)
  • every 3 months: birthday celebrations for the residents who had their birthdays in the last three months with children from the local kindergarten, organization of textile and shoe sales
  • things of daily use, sweets, beverages and so on can be bought in our cafeteria