Common center


Since its opening in 2013, the pavilion at the “Gemeinsame Mitte” has been hosting countless exhibitions, book readings and other events, like small cinema evenings, slide-shows and information events such as traffic training, craft days for children, presentations and group watching during the football World Cup, job fairs and club meetings.

Since 2020 we restructured the use of the pavilion at the “Gemeinsame Mitte”. The tourist information is now located at the town hall of Bärenstein. Conclusively, the pavilion is now no longer open for visitors every day but it is still used for events of any kind.

The pavilion's furnishings and equipment were upgraded, so that private private family celebrations, club events, training courses, job fairs and much more can take place. The concept is now predominantly geared to external use and is well received for this. Of course, Bärenstein and the town of Vejprty still use the pavilion for their own events and meetings.

Our pavilion has been particularly popular for smaller family celebrations. The building is perfect for groups of 20 to 30. Should you be interested in renting the pavilion, you can contact Mrs. Dewart at the town hall (tel: +49 37347 18414). You can find information on the terms of use and on the prices under the item Citizen’s Service-Local Law on our website.

It has become a tradition to hold a German-Czech Christmas market together with our twin town Vejprty directly at the “Gemeinsame Mitte”.

Every year on the anniversary of the “Gemeinsame Mitte”, there is the Saxonian-Bohemian beer festival, organized by both municipalities. Since the opening in 2013, the festival has been held in the middle of June. By now you could call the festival a popular tradition, because the number of visitors rises annually and is already a fixed date in many guests’ calendars. Meanwhile, more than a thousand people visit the beer festival every year.

We hope that we can celebrate these festivals for many years more and that we can consolidate the connections between our municipalities.

The illustrated presentation gives you a good insight into the development and construction of our common center.