Medical on-call service

Medical on-call service

Life-threatening emergencies - dial 112!

In case of life-threatening emergencies (e.g. heart attack, acute bleeding or poisoning) please alert the emergency services by dialing 112 !


The nationwide telephone number: 116117

f you are not life-threateningly ill, but medical treatment cannot wait until the next (working) day, dial 116117 (free of charge, without area code).

This number is available at the following times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:

  • 19:00 - 07:00 the following day

Wednesday, Friday:

  • 14:00 – 07:00 the following day

Saturday, Sunday, holidays, bridge days, 24, 31.12.

  • 07:00 – 07:00 the following day

The trained staff will provide a medical assessment of your concerns. They will tell you which on-call practice is open in your area or which on-call doctor is on duty. If necessary, a medical home visit will be arranged for you.

An overview of the on-call practices in the Erzgebirgskreis can be found at:

Bereitschaftspraxen und -sprechstunden - Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen (

On-call dental service

Outside the designated office hours, there is still an on-call service for treatments that cannot be postponed in case of particular urgency. The dentists are available by telephone for the following emergencies in particular:

  • Accidental injuries in the dental, oral and maxillofacial region such as tooth and jaw fractures, lip or tongue injuries. A presentation in a medical emergency room to rule out life-threatening injuries should be made in advance.
  • Postoperative bleeding after dental surgical procedures, such as tooth extractions or apicectomies
  • febrile, purulent inflammation of the dental system
  • Swelling with swallowing and breathing restrictions

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Veterinary on-call service

The information about the veterinary on-call service is provided by the district office Erzgebirgskreis.

Under the following link you can access the on-call services:

Tierärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst – Erzgebirgskreis

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