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Erlebnisheimat Erzgebirge
Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge

Torsten Wustlich

  • born on 2 February 1977 in Annaberg-Buchholz
  • grew up and lived in Bärenstein until May 2009


Sports resume


  • active since 1987 in junior and since 1996 in senior's luge discipline
  • up until 1995 single and from 1995 double-seater
  • from 1987 to 1989 attended the specialized sports school in Oberwiesenthal
  • from 1990 to 2002 member of 'Oberwiesenthaler Sportverein 1990'
  • since the Olympics 2002 member of 'WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal e.V.'


His main athletic accomplishments


  • 1999 World Cup in Königssee: second place with team and forth place in men's double
  • 2001 World Cup in Calgary: first place
  • 2005 World Cup in Salt Lake City: first place
  • Olympia 2006: silver medal in XX. Olympic Games in Turin
  • 2008 World Cup in Oberhof: first place in men's double and first place in relay race
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